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DNS Assistance Service

The preceding search results page is displayed to you as a result of the specific Domain Name Service (DNS) servers used by Optimum Online to look up domain names. If you misspell or mistype a web address, dead-end "no such name" errors can occur. However, the DNS servers used by Optimum Online are designed to eliminate dead-end "no such name" error pages you can encounter as you surf the web. By displaying the preceding search results page, users know that the web site they've attempted to navigate to does not exist, and are presented with suggested sites they may have been seeking. No software is installed on your computer for this search service to work.

What is DNS?
All websites have an address that consists of a series of numbers separated by periods, such as This is known as an IP address. Most websites also have a domain name (such as associated with their IP address. With DNS, users don't have to type the complicated IP address into their browser's address bar; instead, they can type the domain name. DNS then acts like a real-time phonebook, looking up the name entered and translating it into the numbers that the computer recognizes so that the desired website can be displayed.

Can I opt-out of the DNS Assistance Service?
Yes, you can opt-out of the service. If you opt-out of the service, you will no longer receive any search based help when you misspell or mistype a web address, but instead you will receive browser error messages. When you opt-out of the service, it will affect all computers that are in your household and accessing the Internet by Optimum Online Service.

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